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My story begins with a deep need to connect and become intimate with those I work with. A place to feel safe and at home. I ended up becoming a home to others. I have the need to know the context of people and they way they think. And as a result, I have designed my life around this obsession. Not only have I found others to dig deep, but they found that my insights to be highly intuitive and accurate.

Little did I know just how precious intuition is. It’s recognized as the highest form of intelligence. The beauty of this is, every living being has intuition, and each has a unique perspective and intelligence of the world. It’s my goal to bring this out in others so they can go chasing it in their right way. One that is unchained and responsible. One that is significant and vast. One that is clever and still worth it in the long term.

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The Thought Mining Experience

Be a part of a collective of thought miners who excavate their own minds in order to share and exchange what is valuable in order to elevate the evolved mind.

10 Strategy Calls

Take your idea from just that one thing you wished you could do to the thing you’re actually doing. It’s time to develop that roadmap to your great creation.

Communications Consulting

Get intuitive imaginative insights into your brand and get coached on how to scale your next innovation. Get crystal clear on your pivots and launch that campaign.

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The Thought Mining Experience

How many times do you wish you could talk so someone about the truth? Here’s the place to start.

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6 Strategy Stages E-book

This is the go-to-book for anyone who wants to unlock the best approach to launch your next crusade. Get strategic insight in how to navigate your own intuition to unlock your next big move.