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When you're not sure what to say

Building your brand can be tough. It’s a lonely road, and it almost seems like no one understands. 

There’s no one who values your work, what you have to say, what you even think.

And you don’t even know how to get them to do any of that.

So you sit, and ponder about a day when you’ll be confident enough to write, record, create what you want to share with the world.

But you don’t. Every new day comes and passes by, and you don’t.


This is how I felt for years. It wasn’t until I decided I was going to take a leap and ask for some help.

But help was limited. Professors didn’t have time, editors wanted to get paid large sums, and it just seemed like no one knew what I was trying to say or help me say it better.

And that’s when I took the privilege to imagine this experience.


This is an experience where you can come and express yourself, learn from others all over the world, and refine your value.

Within the Thought Mining Experience, you’re able to put your view out there and understand your world, share your perspective, and learn from others who are learning from you.

It’s a vibratory experience where everyone is finding diamonds in the rough and you’re the diamond. All you have to do is be willing to dust yourself off so you can shine.

It’s this experience that promotes crystal clarity in thinking, but helps others broaden their minds. You can’t find this valuable experience anywhere else in the world. 

And now, you’re invited.

Go Deep Within
the Thought Tunnel

Gain critical and intuitive thinking skills

Develop your intellect

Validate your perspective

Enhance your mind and imaginative writing

Mine for Buried Keys Within Your Subconscious

Unlock The Depths Of Your Soul

Join the Discourse of the Future

Transform Society With The Written Word

Deep Thinkers & Value Seekers

Find the Light Within the Dark

What's Inside

Uncover the diamonds in the rough.

Thinking That Opens The Mind

The Future is in the Eye of the Imagineer

Where would the future be without the greatest thinkers in the world? 

Where would the world be without their reasoning and their vision? 

Where would the world be if you took another day where you didn’t push yourself outside of your comfort zone, or had a network of like-minds to challenge your current vision and celebrate your crystal clear perspective? 

Where would you be?

The Value of Thinking

Each level adds more value


Develop Critical Thinking
$ 15 per month
  • Exclusive Content Archive Access
  • Weekly Chat Q&As


Develop Intuitive Thinking
$ 25 per month
  • Everything in Miner
  • Write Content To Get Mined
  • Exclusive Chat Access


Develop Thought Leadership
$ 60 per month
  • Everything in Miner
  • Invitation to Weekly Chat Discussions
  • Get Brand Messaging Support from a Creative Coach

See what miners are saying

Members come from different backgrounds and viewpoints, but the outcome is always the same. Gin insight into the effects this membership has to individuals and their thinking.


The Thought Mining Experience is open to you once you pick a subscription structure. You can pay annually or monthly. From there, you get access to everything you paid for and you reap the benefits. But remember, the membership is only useful so long as you show up and you receive the full value.

You are being asked to think deeply. It may sound weird to most, but for the few who want to advance, this is your safe haven. You will be prompted with writing from members who are searching for insights and you are there to provide your feedback, write your thoughts, and get feedback from others. It’s not scary once you try it out. Just show up and be ready to dive deep for insights in your own mind, and share them with all of us.

No worries, we record these and house them in the membership dashboard that you can access at any time.

You’re welcome to leave at any time. With a monthly subscription, you’re the one in control so you can test it out and leave at your own wish.

The calls take place every week on Thursdays in the Zoom conferencing app you can access in your membership dashboard.

If you’re serious about diving deep into your subconscious, thinking deeply about topics, and sharing insights with others, then this is perfect for you. Members come from all different backgrounds — coaches, educators, artists, activists, speakers, creatives, and influencers — but whoever you are, you must be willing to reflect on your own thoughts and making points that progress. We don’t accept those who do not self reflect or participate honestly.

Sorry, not sorry. You are signing up to go deep, share your insights, and be known for your particularly unique perspective. Developing and gathering insights from this process was never supposed to be easy, but it sure is worth it in the long run.

The process of mining your own thought is the basis of deriving value from your own self. It's the process of digging deep within and uncovering the next most valuable idea within you to share with the world. The brave process of uncovering and refining that gem is the essence of pure thought leadership, and all our leaders think this way.

Behind every great speech, book, or script are a ton of revisions, and though people are familiar with the finished versions of the I have a dream speech, the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, or the screenplay for The Dark Knight, new writers (our target) are less familiar with the process it takes to get to great.

The goal of Thought Mining is to make you great. To show you your own process to get so you gain insight and then conceptualize more compelling ideas, and reveal your gems of insight to the world.

Your Coach & Consultant

Sana A Ahmed is a Remote Strategist & Ideator. She graduated with a BA in Marketing Communications and has worked in all aspects of digital marketing since 2011. She’s built major websites for large household names such as MIT and Education First, and she’s improved brands for numerous clients and creative owners. She currently focuses on creating monsters experiences through branding, strategy, and ideation facilitation as a Communications Consultant in her own company.

Ready to imagine better?