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We live in an age of stuff and more stuff. A nonstop force-feeding of the pointless and vapid. We’re bloated with garbage, and like you, I’m completely past being sickened. We live in an unregulated universe of the war on the mind. And we’ve become warriors and survivors of the throes of messaging.

But surviving and fighting without seeking is as vapid as the sea of junk we flow through. So where do you focus your attention if things have lost their luster or glimmer? Where to you set your sights on the hope of deepening the meaning of our experience?

That’s what I’m trying to answer by diving into the art and the craft that explains the nature of our reality. This is captivating me. This inspires me. But it’s nothing if I don’t share it, or even make it easier to share with you.

What I can do with your help

I consume a lot of content in various mediums from a variety of sources. But some of it is just out of my price range for me to hoard on my own. I’d like to consume it, but it would be better to share it. And I can do so with you and others who will value this deep study.

The goal for me is to let it flow from my end out to yours with the intent to inspire. By doing this I think we can gain from one another how we actually feel and think about our experience. If we build even more ideas, and create very valuable things out of it, the better.

🌴 The Brainforest is a repository of meaning

I call this 🌴 The Brainforest because it signifies the organic manifestation of the depth of how we think. I liken it to the emergent canopy of a tropical forest with hidden mysteries of the dark ground floor. I’ve made it into a fun exploratory way of writing and thinking.

Everything inside has layers of dense meaning.

And I hope you find as much joy out exploring it as I did in paving the pathway to understand it.


Get an inside look

Let's explore together

I’ll be researching various topics that relate to brand experience design and connect it to the nature of our reality. Check out a few of them below:

  • Behavioral Economics
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Anthropology
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Neuromarketing
  • Semiotics
  • Perception Theory
  • Dream Theory
  • Monster Theory
  • Philosophy
  • Global Studies
  • Politics & Policy
  • Propaganda 

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I will also be setting up live sessions in the future so you get a hand in expanding it as well. This way, we can experiment in a real time chat on exploring the depths of our mind and reality together.

Help me uncover layers of complexity and depth

When you choose to donate, you’re going to help me purchase a few things: Journals, text, and time that I’ll be able to work on dissecting these materials. When I do that, it’s easier for me to simplistically share it with you.

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Last updated: 2/22/22